Brittany Raschdorf

How did I get here, to this place where dreams are coming true? Dreams which I had tucked tightly away in the quietest, most secret place possible. To be forgotten. To be lost. How did I get to this place where those dreams are becoming a reality? The dreams took on a life of their own!

There were hints. Tiny ones. But over time the hints began to tell a story. Ever since I was little, I’ve found companionship in books. No matter where I went, my wordy friend would tag along. But that’s all it ever was.

I never once thought to myself ‘One day, I want to be an author’. But I firmly believe that  every word I ever read planted a tiny seed. Every black letter on white paper left a small piece of itself inside of me. And those letters took form in my imagination, crossing t’s and dotting i’s. Eventually a thought, a deeply hidden dream, surfaced from the depths of my subconscious. It was so forthright and demanding, I was in shock. “Write a book about it.” About what you may ask? Well, crack open the pages of Peri’s story to find out. Maybe her words will impart a dream to you.

Aside from writing, which, because you are here visiting my little fingerprint on the web, I’m assuming that you already know I have a love for words. So then, how did I get here? I started in Florida, a wide eyed, quite girl who played in the mud and fished with her brother. My family eventually relocated to Virginia, where, fast forward an unspeakable number of years later (okay! 23) I now reside with my Husband, two beautiful daughters, and two crazy canines.

I could legally be titled a “Jill of all trades” because my skill sets are many and my job tittles are broad. My most recent title, given to me by myself of course, was ‘Organizer Extraordinaire to the Rich and Famous’. Because, well, that sounded better than ‘house keeper’ any day of the week.

When I’m not organizing extraordinarily or sitting behind my desk writing or researching (I seem to get sucked into ALL THE RABBIT HOLES) than you will find me in one of two places: With my nose in the refrigerator, or my butt in the gym. Fuel and exercise make up the rest of my day as I am also working to fulfill another dream of becoming a Firefighter… and of course working side by side with my hubby as we chase after those elusive, energizer bunny-esq creatures we call our children.